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      SCANNED November 29, 2015

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Ladies featured on the Russian personals website,, are not simply seeking an exit out of Russia. They are seeking friendship and/or romance with foreign men because most Russian men do not treat their women very well. Also, there is a great shortage of men in Russia.

The year 2000 census compiled by the Russian Ministry of Statistics revealed that there are 12 million more women than men in Russia. Consequently Russian women have little choice but to search international Russian personals websites for companionship and romance. Russian ladies seeking to correspond with and meet foreign men come from all walks of life. They are students, doctors, engineers, ballet dancers, teachers, etc. They are also highly cultured, feminine, and starved for attention and affection. Most of the Russian women featured on the Russian personals website are highly educated and come from the middle and upper class and most speak basic conversational English.

Age difference is not such a large issue with Russian girls and Russian women. They are very mature for their age and view older men as more reliable and interesting. You don't have to be rich, young or handsome to attract loving, devoted Russian brides. Why? Because most Russian women are simply looking to communicate with and meet normal, decent, foreign men for friendship and probably more. So don't be afraid to reach out to the thousands of Russian women who are waiting for you on this Russian personals network. Why wait? Email and chat with beautiful Russian ladies tonight.
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